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Thomas Kelso

Tom started his path into acting when he attended drama workshops at school. He then started to attend evening Guildhall Speech and Drama classes and learning karate. From this he successfully auditioned for lead roles in short films and then went on to various television parts in local dramas and soaps.

While attending Thomas Danby College Tom was asked if he would be able to help with a documentary for the Discovery Channel. Upon finishing the filming Tom was then asked if he could help out again with re-constructions. At the end, Tom appeared in all 4 episodes of the documentaries.

Some of Tom's recent work has seen him appear as a family member in Emmerdale and also in The Smokestacks music video 'Envious Arnold'. For the past three years Tom has attended the Northern Drama Acting School in Leeds set up and run by Jo Adamson-Parker. He has also been attending Act4TV at Studio 81 in Kirkstall for four years which was set up by Mike Jackson.

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